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Remove Only the Hair you Want with Micro Touch Max

The Micro Touch Max was recently reviewed on SeenTvShowcase. Jason, author of the review, was pleasantly surprised by how effective the MicroTouch Max was at removing hair. Jason loved that the Micro Touch Max made it easy to be precise with hair removal and that the product lasts through much use. “My wife actually uses mine as well since it’s so great for maintaining hair on your body with precision. I’ve purchased other lousy trimmers in the past which died on me in only a few weeks. This hair trimmer has already lasted me 9 months and works amazing!” he said.

To read the full review of the Micro Touch Max, visit Seen TV Showcase.

Every Man Needs the MicroTouch Max

L. Spaln recently posted a review of the MicroTouch Max on Yahoo! Voices. He loved that the MicroTouch Max had a solid grip around the base which made it easy to trim his unwanted hair with unmatched precision; the light on the MicroTouch Max was also very helpful in getting those hard to see hairs. “If you don’t want to look like CBS commentator Andy Rooney, Sasquatch, or Nick Nolte’s infamous mug shot, you’ll need a personal trimmer for detailed grooming and removing unwanted hair around your nose, ears, eyebrows, or neckline. When you are shopping, you may want to consider the “as seen on TV” MicroTouch Max,” he said.

To read the full MicroTouch Max Review, check out Yahoo! Voices