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The MicroTouch Max Helps to Remove Hair from those Tough Areas

micro-touch-max-as-seen-on-TV-product-reviewsThe Microtouch Max razor was reviewed by As Seen on TV Product Reviews who discuss how the Microtouch Max can assist men in removing unwanted hair in all those tough areas.

“The new Micro Touch Max is designed to go where razors and scissors cannot go” they state. It has a “built in light to help you see better” and a “sleek design [that] gives you perfect control.”

“The new Micro Touch Max grooms from head to toe and anywhere in between” the review concludes. “It is powerful enough to remove tough hair anywhere and yet gentle on the most sensitive areas.”

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Microtouch Max Fills the Void

The folks from health, wellness and medicine site Feeling Emotion recently reviewed the Microtouch Max and discovered how it fills the void in a man’s life.

“Unfortunately there aren’t many men’s hair care products out there,” begins the reviewer “but the Micro Touch Max has come along and made things a little easier for men who like to be well groomed and present themselves in a clean cut manner.”

The reviewer goes on to note many features of the Microtouch Max. “You can trim nearly anything you can think of using this trimmer. It comes with a powerful motor designed for men’s hair….[and the] Micro Touch Max comes with a built in light, so you can see exactly what you’re doing.”

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Dude Seriously Review the Micro Touch Max

A reviewer from Dude Seriously Man reviewed the Micro Touch Max and discovered many of its’ features.

“It’s great for sideburns, bushy eyebrows,…back of the neck, mustaches, beards, etc.” says the reviewer. “The Microtouch is so appealing because it is the only hair remover product with such convenient size, usability, precision cutting, and reliability.”

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Iowa Station Puts the Microtouch Max to the Test

microtouch-max-review-KTIVKTIV 4 –of Sioux City, IA – reviewed the Microtouch Max for their “Does it Really Work? segment with stylist Casey Alderman of Waterloo, IA.

“One area where the Micro Touch Max shines is getting those hard to reach areas” the review states “as well as helping fix some hairy problems.”

“If you do have a lot of peach fuzz…they can kind of clean that area up just a little bit by themselves or if you have really hairy arms and you want to disguise it, you could kind of clean up your arms a little bit,” said Alderman.

In conclusion KTIV and Alderman gave the Microtouch Max a “B” rating.

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Alabama News Station Reviews the Microtouch Max

microtouch-max-review-WSFAThe Microtouch Max was recently reviewed by Alabama’s NBC Station, WSFA 12, for their “Does it Work? with Eric Snitil” segment.

Snitil starts by saying he’s “not a fan” of sticking scissors up his nose and decided to give the Microtouch Max a test. “It’s safe to the touch” he says “I promise.” He goes on show how the Microtouch Max works on various parts of the body including eyebrows. “In just a few minutes we went from bushy brows to a much more clean cut look”

Snitil concludes by saying the Microtouch Max “worked like a champ” and he gave it a resounding “Yes” on the question “Does it Work?”

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