The MicroTouch Max Keeps Unwanted Hair in Line

microtouch-max-hairlineHair growing below the hairline on the neck can be very unsightly and it is often overlooked because it’s hard to see on yourself. Out of sight, out of mind. But imagine the poor soul sitting behind you at a conference or in a boardroom. They sit there and have to see those rogue hairs climbing up and over the back of your dress shirt collar – like an ivy crawling up and spilling over the side of a concrete building. It’s not a pleasant sight for anyone to see.

The MicroTouch Max is every man’s secret weapon in controlling such awkward experiences.. You can trim your hairline neatly and with ease by using this unique shaver. In a matter of seconds you can eliminate all those unwanted hairs and have a clean appearance without the redness or unsightly red bumps that standard razors can cause.

As an essential part of your grooming kit, the Micro Touch Max will serve to keep your appearance neat and clean – all with minimal effort or time.