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Get That Perfect Hairline with Micro Touch Max

Have you ever gone to your barber and then come home only to realize he missed some spots along your hairline? It happens way too often and can be difficult to touch up those areas so close to your hairline.

A razor can be too wide to handle those tight spaces, but with Micro Touch Max you don’t have to worry about that anymore. MicroTouch Max is not only thin enough to squeeze close to your hairline, but it also has a light so you can see those pesky missed hairs.


No one is perfect and maybe your barber just had a bad day.  It’s likely you’ll get home and see a few strays.  Instead of stressing out, simply pull out your Micro Touch Max.  With your MicroTouch Max, you can achieve that perfect hairline every time!

5 Summer Skin Care Tips for Men

Summer can be a time to relax!  A time to enjoy the great outdoors!   Maybe you’re lying by the pool, going to the beach, hiking, or even doing some good, old-fashion fishing. While you’re relaxing it’s important to also give your skin a little break from that scorching heat!  Micro Touch Max is here to give you five tips you can use to keep your skin looking – and feeling – fresh during these hot summer days.


1) Sunscreen is your best bud!  While getting that summer tan looks awesome it can also be very harmful to your skin. If you’re going to spend a lot of time outside, be sure to apply some sunscreen. Remember the higher the SPF, the more protection!

2) Scrub, scrub, a dub! Using an exfoliating wash on your face can also play a huge role in summer skin care. The heat will cause you to sweat a lot more, which can cause more breakouts and even ingrown hairs. For a closer shave, and healthier skin, be sure to use an exfoliating wash at least once a week.

3) Go ahead and moisturize! The number one thing most men leave out of their daily skin regimen is moisturizing. Moisturizing can be especially important in the summer.  Scorching sun and dry winds leads to flaking skin. Keeping your skin moisturized can make your skin look and feel healthy. It can also help you to get a better shave! Have you ever tried to shave with chapped skin? It’s not fun!

4) Get a good shaver! We recommend Micro Touch Max for that close shave and for those on-the-go moments. If you’re going to be spending most of your days outdoors, you’ll need a small shaver with you for those quick touch-ups.  Micro Touch Max is easy and safe to use and it comes with a built-in light so you can see all the spots you need to hit.

5) More and more SPF!  While you’ve been applying sunscreen to your face and body you don’t want to forget about your lips! It’s important to carry a chapstick with SPF. Your lips are very sensitive and sun-burned or chapped lips can be quite painful. Be sure to always carry a few chapsticks with you to aid in avoiding sunburn and blisters.