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Ugh! Those Pesky Nose and Ear Hairs!

You just received the perfect haircut, and your face has a close shave, but then your eyes take a glance at your nose and ears and, sure enough, those pesky nose and ear hairs are back! Nose and ear hair are the two spots most people forget to check before they leave their house. This can be a huge I problem if you’re headed up to an important business meeting or a date.  No one likes to see hairs coming out of a person’s nose and/or ears!


If this sounds like a problem you can relate to, MicroTouch Max is the solution for you! MicroTouch Max works perfectly on those pesky nose and ear hairs!  It’s so small you can take it with you and leave it in your glove compartment. With the built-in light, you can use MicroTouch Max to shave in the comfort of your car or a small cramped public bathroom.

Never be embarrassed again! Take MicroTouch Max with you and keep the nose and ear hair under control!

3 Ways to Treat Razor Burn!


Getting razor burn is not fun, especially on your face! Many things can cause razor burn and, once it’s present, it’s hard to treat.   MicroTouch Max encourages you to consider three simple things you can do at home to treat razor burn.

1) Aloe Vera – Known as a calming agent for blisters and sunburns, aloe vera also works great on razor burns. It keeps the skin feeling cool and moisturizing the skin with aloe vera can speed up the healing process.

2) Aspirin – Known generally to help with pain, aspirin can also help with razor burns. To achieve the best result dissolve the aspirin tablets in water, mix it and then turn it into a paste. Applying the paste will help with the inflammation, bumps, and irritation of razor burn.

3) Honey – Known to have anti-bacterial properties, honey can speed the healing process. Applying honey directly onto the affected skin will help to keep it moisturized. It can also keep the razor burn from becoming infected, as well as reduce inflammation and swelling.

Following these 3 simple tricks can help to keep your skin looking fresh and help to keep that razor burn under control.