Ugh! Those Pesky Nose and Ear Hairs!

You just received the perfect haircut, and your face has a close shave, but then your eyes take a glance at your nose and ears and, sure enough, those pesky nose and ear hairs are back! Nose and ear hair are the two spots most people forget to check before they leave their house. This can be a huge I problem if you’re headed up to an important business meeting or a date.  No one likes to see hairs coming out of a person’s nose and/or ears!


If this sounds like a problem you can relate to, MicroTouch Max is the solution for you! MicroTouch Max works perfectly on those pesky nose and ear hairs!  It’s so small you can take it with you and leave it in your glove compartment. With the built-in light, you can use MicroTouch Max to shave in the comfort of your car or a small cramped public bathroom.

Never be embarrassed again! Take MicroTouch Max with you and keep the nose and ear hair under control!

2 thoughts on “Ugh! Those Pesky Nose and Ear Hairs!

  1. Shaquana Brazeal

    Sometimes we forget to take care of those hidden hairs in our nose and ears which really look off when they start to show. Good read.

  2. Princess Iser

    This would sure come handy especially for unexpected moment where you have to be in your best. Good post.

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