Monthly Archives: October 2015

MicroTouch Max and Homecoming Hair

microtouch-max-homecomingIt’s that time of year!  The homecoming game and dance are right around the corner! It has been traditional for schools to have a homecoming dances to symbolize the returning of students back to school and they typically occur in late September to early October.

Fellas…it’s time to start preparing for the big game AND for the homecoming dance. Homecoming dances are usually semi-formal so you don’t need to rent a tux, but you should have a good suit ready to go.  Remember to dress to impress.  You don’t want to disappoint your date or look out of place.   Be sure to remember to tackle your facial hair as well.  Use your MicroTouch Max to “get your groom on” before the dance!  Be sure to trim those moustaches and beards so you’re looking sharp!

Take MicroTouch Max along with you just in case you see some stray hairs that you need to hit.  Who knows?  Your efforts may lead to you taking the homecoming king crown this year!  Either way….enjoy homecoming!!