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Show Him Some Love with Micro Touch Max!

Valentine’s Day is soon upon us.  He’s the love of your life and you want to show him how much you love him, but he’s hard to shop for.  What’s a girl to do?


Instead of racking your brain trying to find the ONE perfect gift, give him a Valentines’ gift basket full of items.  Start off with some his favorite candies.  If you know what cologne (or fragrance spray) he uses, place it in the basket.  Put in some of his favorite beer, wine or liquor.  If you know his favorite sports teams, put in some sports-related merchandise.  Consider putting in some gift cards to his favorite restaurants, movie theaters, or stores.  And then top it off with a gift that you know he can use all year around:  Micro Touch Max!

Wintertime Manscaping

It’s winter time and, for many in the US, that means cold months and lots of layers of clothing.  Some men ease up on manscaping during the winter months, and others stop it completely.  But, let’s face it!  That might not be a good idea, especially if your partner isn’t happy.  Don’t worry, man!  It’s MicroTouch Max to the rescue.


Here’s some guidelines for your winter manscaping needs:

Above the shoulders:    You should follow the same manscaping regiment for everything on and above your shoulders –the tops of your shoulder, the back of your neck, your face, ears and nose.  All of these areas should be maintained on a weekly basis, depending only on how fast that hair grows.  You shouldn’t go longer than two weeks.

The Chest

If you have a lot of muscle and definition you’ll want to continue to shave it off completely.  If you don’t fit into this group consider trimming your hair often enough to look clean and more presentable.

Your Back

Waxing and permanent hair removal isn’t an option for every guy.  They’re expensive.  But you shouldn’t ignore your back during the winter months either.   Consider removing back hair at least once a month.

Down There

Your buttocks is a tricky place to remove hair, but if it’s an area you hit, it should also be done at least once a month during the winter months.  Pubic hair removal is a personal preference, but many dudes keep things neat and trimmed – even during cold, winter months.

Happy Holidays Ryan Seacrest!

Radio personality, television host, and producer Ryan Seacrest received a special present from his mother this holiday season, his very own MicroTouch Max.


Seacrest posted an image of his MicroTouch Max on Instagram and said, “thanks mom…now if only I could be half as smiley as this guy while grooming to the max.”

We think you have a great smile Ryan!  Enjoy your Micro Touch Max!

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