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MicroTopuch Max beard neckline

Will the Bearded Trend Continue?

Watch the Oscars, scan all those baseball players on the field, talk to your mechanic, visit with your brother-in-law and you’ll likely notice one thing in common.  They’re all sporting beards!

The trend of wearing beards has come and gone throughout U.S. history.  At some points in our history it was associated with negative connotations.  Today, it is seen as a symbol of masculinity, trendiness, and (depending on who you talk to) sexiness!  But as we move into the Fall and Winter months of 2016-2017 MicroTouch Max joins you in wondering if the bearded look will remain.

We think the short answer is….maybe!

““The beard is here to stay…. [and] more and more men are embracing facial hair,” says Chris Salgardo, author of the men’s grooming book MANMADE.  Men who wear beards say it provides them with a sense of self-confidence and manliness, that it attracts romantic partners, and that beards helps to set them apart from the other guys.  Those who sport extremely long beards – or creative styles – are especially keen on standing out of the crowd.

Others, however, point out that so many guys are trying to “stand out” that it’s become the new norm. Walk into any given bar and you’ll see a swarm of bearded men.  Historian Alun Withey believes we’re near the end of the beard trend.  Withey has been quoted as saying a new class (called “yuccies”) are emerging and they’re going for a “stricter, sleeker look.”  (Yuccies, by the way, stands for Young Urban Creative.)

Others have noted that while there may be a coming backlash on beards, that doesn’t mean the end to all facial hair.  Those who are shaving off the long whiskers on their chins are often donning mustaches, and some still like to show off their stubble.

What do you think will be on trend for men’s facial hair by the end of the year?