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MicroTouch Max Customers Share Their Reviews


AsSeenOnTV.com is a website dedicated to various “As Seen on TV” products and their page dedicated to MicroTouch Max contains a number of positive reviews from actual Micro Touch Max customers. Read some of their comments below:


“Works well on any part of the body” – UKBaz, Arizona

“This trimmer cleans up a moustache, beard, neck, ears & nose hairs easily, cleanly, painlessly and effectively.” – Lanie, Shingle Springs, CA

“Perfect for personal grooming.” – Leo, Beaverton, OR


Overall, these MicroTouch Max customers gave Micro Touch Max a 4.5 star rating (on a 5 star scale) and 100% of them said they’d recommend Micro Touch Max to a friend.

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The Micro Touch Max Will Solve Your Hair Removal Needs

A review of Micro Touch Max was recently posted on You’re Not Stupid. The reviewer loved that the Micro Touch Max was small enough to reach those hard-to-get places and came with a light to make it easier to see. His only complaint with the Micro Touch Max was that it always seems to disappear from his bathroom. “Once family members discover how great this trimmer works, it will disappear all the time. There is an easy solution, order at least two. Then you can have one exclusive for you and one for the family,” he said.

To read the full review of Micro Touch Max, check out You’re Not Stupid

Micro Touch Max Gets 5 out of 5 Stars

The MicroTouch Max Trimmer was recently featured on Seen TV Canada. Paul, author of the review, thought that MicroTouch Max was a fantastic solution for unwanted hair and a bargain for only $14.99. This is a hair trimmer that should be in every man’s bathroom. Guy’s if you have hair sticking out of your nose or ears, do yourself a favor and pick up one of these Micro Touch Max all-in-one personal trimmers. Nose Hair and Ear hair is just not cool especially when the solution costs 15 bucks. I thought this hair trimmer worked great for me and probably will for anyone else,” he said.

To see the full MicroTouch Max review, check out Seen TV Canada