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Trimming a Beard’s Neckline

MicroTopuch Max beard necklineIt’s not at all rare to see a man with a poorly shaven outline to their beard. Some men look better with an unshaved, rugged look, however if you do decide to carve out an outline with a blade, you have to know what you’re doing. For most, neck hair is uncomfortable and looks sloppy. So the question is, how do you know where your beard should start on your neck?

There are a few simple tricks that help men have a perfect beard neckline. One way to find where your neckline should start is by imagining a slightly curved line coming down from your earlobe. If you follow it down to under your chin, it should pass slightly above your Adam’s apple. Shaving along this imaginary line will give you a respectable neckline.

Another trick for shaving your neckline is the double chin method. With this self-explanatory method, you simply put your chin to your chest and use the naturally created “double chin” fold that is created as your reference point for your neckline.

The last trick for trimming your beard neckline is the two finger method. This method involves putting two fingers together and placing them right above your Adam’s apple. Your neckline should start at the top of your two fingers. This trick is the least reliable as fingers and neck sizes differ amongst different people. Regardless, it could still be used by many people.

Regardless of the methods you want to try there’s nothing better to give you a perfectly shaved neckline than a Micro Touch Max.  Learn more about how the MicroTouch Max can you help get the best beard or goatee possible.

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