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The Micro Touch Max: Face the World with Confidence

Eye contact is an important form of connection that successful people take very seriously. It communicates unspoken messages of interest and trust and it gives the other person an indication that he/she is being acknowledged. Eye contact may seem subtle but can be very revealing about a person’s intention and despite whatever words are being spoken. For instance, someone who is not to be trusted is considered, “shifty eyed” and people who are blatantly telling an untruth will actually close their eyes when speaking as a way to disconnect with the person they are lying to. On the other hand, constant direct eye contact may seem too intense for some people and can make another feel uncomfortable and end a conversation early on. The key is to be engaging and not self-conscious about it.

Whether we realize it or not, we are all sending signals every day and they may reveal things about us that we are not aware of. Eye contact is only one of many ways that we offer insight into who we are as individuals and our image can speak volumes about us. It’s very important then to make sure that the outside matches up with the inside.

microtouch-max-face-world-confidenceThe Micro Touch Max is an exceptional tool that will help you keep a polished image through good grooming. Trimming unwanted hair in areas such as the nose, ears, and wild eyebrows will make any man appear more attractive because it says, “I am someone who cares about details and order.”

The MicroTouch Max shaver is also small enough where it could be stored discretely in a briefcase side pocket and easily accessed if needed unexpectedly. It’s best to have two of them and keep one at home. With Micro Touch Max, you can feel confident that your image is best representing the person that you want the world to see.