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Clean Shaven Faces and Your Career

“If you look at pictures of Fortune 500 CEOs, you might be in for a surprise” says MoneyWatch’s Steve Tobak. “Very few have facial hair. In fact, hardly any do. The same is true of American political leaders.”


In this article that explores shaving and employment, Tobak goes on to review some of the statistics on the matter.
…anywhere from 80 to 90 percent of adult males are clean-shaven, while the percentage of senior executives without facial hair appears to be significantly higher. So, while this analysis isn’t exactly scientific, there does seem to be a correlation between climbing the ladder of success and facial hair…

“Several studies I came across actually did conclude a positive bias toward clean-shaven men in business hiring decisions,” Tobak reports.

While Tobak does note the exceptions to this rule (think Apple CEO Steve Jobs), he also concludes by advising his male readers to strongly consider the “perception” facial hair can create in present or future employers. “Whether the bias is real or not” he says “if you’re hot on the trail of a job or a promotion and want to play it safe, I’d go ahead and shave if I were you.”

Read Tobak’s full article at MoneyWatch and consider how the MicroTouch Max could help you on your path towards vocational success!

An Exploration of Facial Hair Styles

The “Anchor,” the “Fu Manchu,” and the “Soul Patch” are just some of the many facial hair styles worn by today’s men. One man, Jon Dyer, engaged on a quest to try every type of facial hair type and he shares his experiences with his readers at dyers.org.


Here is a small sampling of the many types of facial hair styles that are available for men and can be created using the Micro Touch Max.

The Anchor: The anchor is a beard without sideburns. It extends along the jawline and is styled into a point. It is combined with a pencil style mustache which helps it to resemble an anchor.
Chin Puff: The chin puff is a narrow version of the goatee. It typical covers only a small area, usually the round part of the chin.
French Fork: The French fork is a full beard which extends off the chin. It is split down the middle into 2 segments.
Fu Manchu: A Fu Manchu is a mustache which extends downward on the sides. It usually extends off of the chin.
Hollywoodian: The Hollywoodian is a mustache connected to a beard with the sideburns removed.
Mutton Chops: Mutton chops are sideburns which are extend all the way down to an imaginary line drawn downward from the corners of the mouth.
Soul Patch: The soul patch is a small patch of hair between the lower lip and chin. It was popularized by beatniks in the 1960′s.

The Uni-brow Problem

A “unibrow” is the presence of abundant hair between the eyebrows so that it appears one has one long brow. It is a fairly common issue for men. While the unibrow is irrelevant – or even found attractive – in some cultures, it has typically been seen in a negative light in the Western world. In different times and places of the West, the unibrow has been seen as unattractive, primitive and even criminal.

microtouch-max-unibrowWhile a given man’s unibrow can be a result of various factors, some men have the “one brow” as a result of medical conditions such as Cornelia De Lange syndrome, Waardenburg Syndrome, Patau Syndrome, or Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome.

Today, many men attack their unibrows through plucking, tweezing or shaving. Some men go so far as to receive electrolysis or laser treatment. These treatments, while often effective, can be expensive and – if you have laser therapy – a temporary scab can form.

Many men opt to shave between their unibrow during their regular shaving routines. The MicroTouch Max is the perfect tool to help you get the best shave in this area.

Micro Touch Max is an Easy Solution for Hair Removal

The Micro Touch Max was recently featured on Smart Shaving Reviews. The reviewer thought the Micro Touch Max was an excellent tool for daily touch ups to remove unwanted facial hair. He also enjoyed that the design made shaving pain free and easy. Micro Touch Max “is designed to have micro precision at painlessly trimming away any hair in an instant, making the skin smooth and free of any pokey stubble from the hair follicle,” they said.

To read the full review of Micro Touch Max, check out Smart Shaving Reviews