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The MicroTouch Max Meets Gray Hairs

micro-touch-max-reviews-consumer-affairs“When most guys reach their mid-30s, early 40s, they notice a few changes in their body” begins Daryl Nelson in his review of the MicroTouch Max for Consumer Affairs. “For example, they no longer have that cast iron stomach they once did, and the days of going to IHOP at 3 o’clock in the morning and not paying for it the next day are over….Then, of course, there’s the whole hair thing.”

Nelson defines the “hair thing” as the time when these men find themselves “los[ing] it completely; just start losing it or [when] their hair begins to turn gray.” Nelson goes to discuss how electric razors can assist men who are trying to shave the grey away and he particularly discusses how the MicroTouch Max can offer assistance.

He first notes the benefits that came from the actual size of the MicroTouch Max saying “I was able to trim areas of my face that are hard to get to with a traditional trimmer — like near my nose and around my ears.” He then goes to note how this electric razor removed his unwanted hair. “All the hairs were removed pretty easily…” he says “all in all, it’s not a bad buy. Especially for people who need it for those hard to reach places.”

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