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Common Male Grooming Mistakes

There are plenty of grooming mistakes that men constantly make. There are also several things that men completely forget about while grooming.  MicroTouch Max invites you to review a list of common grooming mistakes and some sources of hair that men often forget about while shaving.


No, eyebrow maintenance isn’t only for females. Having sloppy eyebrows isn’t a good look for anyone no matter the gender. We use our eyebrows to convey many emotions, so it’s a feature that many people notice. Tidying up your eyebrow outline and getting rid of rogue hairs over the bridge of your nose should be done every once in a while and MicroTouch Max is a perfect tool to help you out.

Nose Hair

Having nose hair is not a good look, and it’s so easy to remove. You have to remember that even though they might not be sticking out of your nose, anyone shorter than you will have a great view at those ugly whiskers. All it takes is 30 seconds with the Micro Touch Max to get rid those pesky hairs.

MicroTouch Max male grooming mistakes

Ear Hair

Ear hair is in the same boat as nose hair. You might not be as concerned about ear hair because it’s hard for you to see it on yourself, but there are plenty of others who notice it. Again, only 30 seconds with the Micro Touch Max and the ear hair is all gone. Be careful, however, as you don’t want to go too deep into your ear as it could be dangerous. Just focus on keeping the hairs out of sight.

Neck Hair

Having a lot of hair on your neck is sloppy and unnecessary. Your neck/back hair should always be shaven to under your collar and should be kept neat around the nape of your hair. The Micro Touch Max makes it easy to do a quick and precise neck trim anywhere.

Hair Around Your Ears

Your hair should never curl around or stick into your ears. If you want to keep your hair long on the sides and don’t want to give it a trim, use a little gel to keep it slicked back behind the ears. As a general rule, your whole ear should always be visible.

Neglecting these facets of grooming may make you look sloppy and unprofessional. Don’t let it happen to you! Consider having a regular schedule for shaving these often forgotten areas so you are always looking clean and well-kept.  And be sure to use your MicroTouch Max to help you get the best shave possible.  It’s a perfect tool to remove hair from all of the above areas and it will trim your hairs with micro-precision each and every time.

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