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Kmart Customers Love MicroTouch Max!


Men and women love our MicroTouch Max trimmer!  This personal trimmer from MicroTouch lets you get as close as a blade, yet it’s safe to the touch.  It’s made with German stainless steel and Micro Touch Max is powerful enough for even the tough jobs.

Some of our MicroTouch Max customers have posted their own thoughts and reviews about our MicroTouch trimmer on Kmart.com, where they collectively give us a 4-star rating.  Here’s a sampling of what they’re sharing:

“Good Product. I liked it. Very easy and compatible. Easy to operate.” ~ SuperStarRaj from Nashua, NH

“Works great!” ~ ourmommy from Sunnyvale, CA

“Great product with extra feature of light. Easy to use and very compact. Works great on the tiny hairs around the neck, and even works for women who want to remove those unsightly hairs on your chin. Very affordable and a great value for the money.” ~ judyt555 from Oxnard, CA

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Happy Memorial Day from Micro Touch Max!


Memorial Day is soon upon us, and MicroTouch Max would like to say “thanks” during this special holiday.

Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May and it honors the women and men who died while serving in the U.S. military.  It is considered an official U.S. federal holiday and it began as “Decoration Day” after the American Civil War in 1868.  It became “Memorial Day” in the 20th century.

While it marks the start of the summer vacation season and often includes picnics and other outdoor outings, the holiday is a specific time for people to visit cemeteries and hold memorials for fallen soldiers.  It is not to be confused with Veterans Day.  Memorial Day is a day of remembering the woman and men who died while serving our country, while Veterans Day celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans, living or dead.

All of us from MicroTouch Max wish you a happy, safe, and meaningful Memorial Day!

Wintertime Manscaping

It’s winter time and, for many in the US, that means cold months and lots of layers of clothing.  Some men ease up on manscaping during the winter months, and others stop it completely.  But, let’s face it!  That might not be a good idea, especially if your partner isn’t happy.  Don’t worry, man!  It’s MicroTouch Max to the rescue.


Here’s some guidelines for your winter manscaping needs:

Above the shoulders:    You should follow the same manscaping regiment for everything on and above your shoulders –the tops of your shoulder, the back of your neck, your face, ears and nose.  All of these areas should be maintained on a weekly basis, depending only on how fast that hair grows.  You shouldn’t go longer than two weeks.

The Chest

If you have a lot of muscle and definition you’ll want to continue to shave it off completely.  If you don’t fit into this group consider trimming your hair often enough to look clean and more presentable.

Your Back

Waxing and permanent hair removal isn’t an option for every guy.  They’re expensive.  But you shouldn’t ignore your back during the winter months either.   Consider removing back hair at least once a month.

Down There

Your buttocks is a tricky place to remove hair, but if it’s an area you hit, it should also be done at least once a month during the winter months.  Pubic hair removal is a personal preference, but many dudes keep things neat and trimmed – even during cold, winter months.

MicroTouch Max Presents: The History of Shaving and Trimming

The act of shaving in men has a long history in the human race. Both archaeological evacuations and art from ancient Egypt demonstrates that many Egyptians practiced shaving religiously…. literally for religious reasons. They believe a clean shaven man was symbolizing their gods.

After metallurgy was been refined in European civilizations, the creation of knives and scissors quickly followed and soon some European men also began to shave (or trim) their facial hair.

The fascination of a clean face among American men began during WWI. This shaving trend began for at least two key reasons. First, gas masks protected WWI soldiers from chemical agents deployed as a weapon and proper shaving help to assure the gas masks would fit properly. Second, the Gillette company introduced the “safety razor” making it possible – and inexpensive – for men to shave regularly.

When WWI soldiers returned home these heroes were seen and depicted as men with a clean-shaven face. Soon shaved faces or trimmed facial hair became the rage. Various facial hair trends have occurred in America since that time but clean shaven men or men who regularly trim their hair remains the standard.

Today men have a variety of options to trim or shave their facial hair. Consider the MicroTouch Max and its’ ability to trim with micro precision.


The Uni-brow Problem

A “unibrow” is the presence of abundant hair between the eyebrows so that it appears one has one long brow. It is a fairly common issue for men. While the unibrow is irrelevant – or even found attractive – in some cultures, it has typically been seen in a negative light in the Western world. In different times and places of the West, the unibrow has been seen as unattractive, primitive and even criminal.

microtouch-max-unibrowWhile a given man’s unibrow can be a result of various factors, some men have the “one brow” as a result of medical conditions such as Cornelia De Lange syndrome, Waardenburg Syndrome, Patau Syndrome, or Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome.

Today, many men attack their unibrows through plucking, tweezing or shaving. Some men go so far as to receive electrolysis or laser treatment. These treatments, while often effective, can be expensive and – if you have laser therapy – a temporary scab can form.

Many men opt to shave between their unibrow during their regular shaving routines. The MicroTouch Max is the perfect tool to help you get the best shave in this area.

The MicroTouch Max Helps to Remove Hair from those Tough Areas

micro-touch-max-as-seen-on-TV-product-reviewsThe Microtouch Max razor was reviewed by As Seen on TV Product Reviews who discuss how the Microtouch Max can assist men in removing unwanted hair in all those tough areas.

“The new Micro Touch Max is designed to go where razors and scissors cannot go” they state. It has a “built in light to help you see better” and a “sleek design [that] gives you perfect control.”

“The new Micro Touch Max grooms from head to toe and anywhere in between” the review concludes. “It is powerful enough to remove tough hair anywhere and yet gentle on the most sensitive areas.”

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Dude Seriously Review the Micro Touch Max

A reviewer from Dude Seriously Man reviewed the Micro Touch Max and discovered many of its’ features.

“It’s great for sideburns, bushy eyebrows,…back of the neck, mustaches, beards, etc.” says the reviewer. “The Microtouch is so appealing because it is the only hair remover product with such convenient size, usability, precision cutting, and reliability.”

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Say Goodbye to Unwanted Facial Hair with Micro Touch Max

A review of the Micro Touch Max was recently featured on Jenny Reviews. The reviewer loved that the Micro Touch Max came with various trimmer guards to make attaining the perfect length for your facial hair quick and simple. “Unwanted hair removal and hair trimming is now easy to do with the multi-tasking capabilities of the highly effective Micro Touch Max hair trimmer”, they said.

To read the full review of the Micro Touch Max, check out Jenny Reviews.

The Micro Touch Max Will Solve Your Hair Removal Needs

A review of Micro Touch Max was recently posted on You’re Not Stupid. The reviewer loved that the Micro Touch Max was small enough to reach those hard-to-get places and came with a light to make it easier to see. His only complaint with the Micro Touch Max was that it always seems to disappear from his bathroom. “Once family members discover how great this trimmer works, it will disappear all the time. There is an easy solution, order at least two. Then you can have one exclusive for you and one for the family,” he said.

To read the full review of Micro Touch Max, check out You’re Not Stupid

Micro Touch Max Gets 5 out of 5 Stars

The MicroTouch Max Trimmer was recently featured on Seen TV Canada. Paul, author of the review, thought that MicroTouch Max was a fantastic solution for unwanted hair and a bargain for only $14.99. This is a hair trimmer that should be in every man’s bathroom. Guy’s if you have hair sticking out of your nose or ears, do yourself a favor and pick up one of these Micro Touch Max all-in-one personal trimmers. Nose Hair and Ear hair is just not cool especially when the solution costs 15 bucks. I thought this hair trimmer worked great for me and probably will for anyone else,” he said.

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