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Celebrate Dad this Year with Micro Touch Max!


Happy Father’s Day from MicroTouch Max!  Celebrate “dear ole’ Dad” this year by giving him his very own MicroTouch Max personal hair trimmer.

MicroTouch represents a name that knows about hair removal and MicroTouch Max is a powerful, easy, and reliable hair remover.  Its built-in light will help Dad to remove hair anywhere he wants to get rid of it.  Nose hair, ear hairs, toe hairs, between his eyebrows, and everywhere else!  It’s compact and perfect for fathers who are constantly travelling and on-the-go!

Pick up a MicroTouch Max today and give Dad a gift you know he’ll really appreciate all year-around!

Kmart Customers Love MicroTouch Max!


Men and women love our MicroTouch Max trimmer!  This personal trimmer from MicroTouch lets you get as close as a blade, yet it’s safe to the touch.  It’s made with German stainless steel and Micro Touch Max is powerful enough for even the tough jobs.

Some of our MicroTouch Max customers have posted their own thoughts and reviews about our MicroTouch trimmer on Kmart.com, where they collectively give us a 4-star rating.  Here’s a sampling of what they’re sharing:

“Good Product. I liked it. Very easy and compatible. Easy to operate.” ~ SuperStarRaj from Nashua, NH

“Works great!” ~ ourmommy from Sunnyvale, CA

“Great product with extra feature of light. Easy to use and very compact. Works great on the tiny hairs around the neck, and even works for women who want to remove those unsightly hairs on your chin. Very affordable and a great value for the money.” ~ judyt555 from Oxnard, CA

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Micro Touch Max: Committed For Life!

microtouch-max-review-bubblewsThe Bubblews website conducted a product review recently and they decided to try the MicroTouch Max shaver. Chase, the reviewer, amply describes what the Micro Touch Max does, “It’s ideal for nose, ears, eyebrows, neckline, sideburns and trimming around the ear in between haircuts.”

Chase goes on to explain the different interchangeable blade attachments and their uses. Micro Touch Max is an all-in-one personal groomer and versatile enough to address whatever Chase wants to use it for.

Would Chase recommend MicroTouch Max? “For anyone who is looking for a useful personal grooming tool that isn’t overly expensive, this is it. I will continue to use this for its life.”

Read the full MicroTouch Max review from Chase

Explore Some Micro Touch Max FAQs

microtouch-max-review-tv-stuff-onlineTV Stuff Online recently reviewed the MicroTouch Max and they provide their readers with a lot of information about this personal hair trimmer.

The review begins by considering the Micro Touch Max commercial, price and warranty information. They go on to note many of features of the MicroTouch Max including:
• Razor blades cut and scissors poke
• Designed to go in delicate places where razors and scissors should not go
• Gets as close as a blade, yet is safe to the touch
• Built-in light
• One hand operation
• Includes a snap-on guide

They go to discuss how to best use the Micro Touch Max, all the places where you can use on your body, and how the hair trimmer works. They close with offering some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the MicroTouch Max.

Read the full MicroTouch Max review from TV Stuff Online

MicroTouch Max Presents: The History of Shaving and Trimming

The act of shaving in men has a long history in the human race. Both archaeological evacuations and art from ancient Egypt demonstrates that many Egyptians practiced shaving religiously…. literally for religious reasons. They believe a clean shaven man was symbolizing their gods.

After metallurgy was been refined in European civilizations, the creation of knives and scissors quickly followed and soon some European men also began to shave (or trim) their facial hair.

The fascination of a clean face among American men began during WWI. This shaving trend began for at least two key reasons. First, gas masks protected WWI soldiers from chemical agents deployed as a weapon and proper shaving help to assure the gas masks would fit properly. Second, the Gillette company introduced the “safety razor” making it possible – and inexpensive – for men to shave regularly.

When WWI soldiers returned home these heroes were seen and depicted as men with a clean-shaven face. Soon shaved faces or trimmed facial hair became the rage. Various facial hair trends have occurred in America since that time but clean shaven men or men who regularly trim their hair remains the standard.

Today men have a variety of options to trim or shave their facial hair. Consider the MicroTouch Max and its’ ability to trim with micro precision.


The MicroTouch Max Meets Gray Hairs

micro-touch-max-reviews-consumer-affairs“When most guys reach their mid-30s, early 40s, they notice a few changes in their body” begins Daryl Nelson in his review of the MicroTouch Max for Consumer Affairs. “For example, they no longer have that cast iron stomach they once did, and the days of going to IHOP at 3 o’clock in the morning and not paying for it the next day are over….Then, of course, there’s the whole hair thing.”

Nelson defines the “hair thing” as the time when these men find themselves “los[ing] it completely; just start losing it or [when] their hair begins to turn gray.” Nelson goes to discuss how electric razors can assist men who are trying to shave the grey away and he particularly discusses how the MicroTouch Max can offer assistance.

He first notes the benefits that came from the actual size of the MicroTouch Max saying “I was able to trim areas of my face that are hard to get to with a traditional trimmer — like near my nose and around my ears.” He then goes to note how this electric razor removed his unwanted hair. “All the hairs were removed pretty easily…” he says “all in all, it’s not a bad buy. Especially for people who need it for those hard to reach places.”

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Get Your Hands on the MicroTouch Max

“Hands-on guy” Andrew recently shared a video about the Micro Touch Max razor. This video shows his close up operation of this electric hair trimmer and he reviewed how one loads the AAA battery, how to clean the MicroTouch Max and how to attach the MicroTouch Max comb to the trimmer.

Watch his Micro Touch Max video below:

MicroTouch Max Receives a Perfect Score!

 microtouch-max-review-jd-nitroYouTube reviewer, JD Nitro, recently reviewed the Micro Touch Max and he gives this MicroTouch personal hair trimmer a perfect 10 out of 10 rating.

JD Nitro agrees that the MicroTouch Max is both “more powerful” and contains a “longer blade” than the original MicroTouch trimmer. JD says the MicroTouch Max “it is an improvement over the original and it is perfect for getting your sideburns just right, your eyebrows just right, getting your mustache right or taking your mustache off.”

“Bottom line…” says JD Nitro about the Micro Touch Max “is 10 out of 10….It does as advertised!”

Watch the full MicroTouch Max review by JD Nitro

MicroTouch Max is the One Grooming Tool Every Man Needs

micro-touch-max-review-tv-stuff-reviewsThe Micro Touch Max was recently reviewed by TV Stuff Reviews where it holds a 5-star rating.

The review highlights how the Microtouch Max can help groom hair anywhere saying “it is capable of removing that stubborn and course hair found in and around the ears, the nose and back of the neck. It can be used to groom eyebrows and sideburns, remove unwanted hair from the chest, shoulders and back or to remove hair from forearms, hands and even tops of toes.”

“This product is ideal for travel or home” the reviewer goes on to say. It “is the one tool every man should have to meet all his grooming needs.”

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Microtouch Max: Great for Chest Hair…and More!

“Every man wants to look his best and his woman wants him to look even better” says the reviewers from As Seen on TV Promoters. “Trimming hair that is too long or removing hair from places that are noticeably unattractive is definitely a job for a personal hair trimmer.”

They go to note in their review of the Microtouch Max how this Microtouch hair trimmer “is lightweight, durable and ready to go.” They also note that “customers love the fact that it removes hair so close to the skin without exacting leaving a mark.”

While reviewing how the Microtouch Max can be remove hair anywhere they especially acknowledge how it can assist with chest hair saying “chest hair is the thickest hair most men have the toughest time getting rid of. With Micro Touch Max chest hair comes off easily. It can be shortened or thinned with just a few trims off the top.”

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