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MicroTouch Max Presents: The History of Shaving and Trimming

The act of shaving in men has a long history in the human race. Both archaeological evacuations and art from ancient Egypt demonstrates that many Egyptians practiced shaving religiously…. literally for religious reasons. They believe a clean shaven man was symbolizing their gods.

After metallurgy was been refined in European civilizations, the creation of knives and scissors quickly followed and soon some European men also began to shave (or trim) their facial hair.

The fascination of a clean face among American men began during WWI. This shaving trend began for at least two key reasons. First, gas masks protected WWI soldiers from chemical agents deployed as a weapon and proper shaving help to assure the gas masks would fit properly. Second, the Gillette company introduced the “safety razor” making it possible – and inexpensive – for men to shave regularly.

When WWI soldiers returned home these heroes were seen and depicted as men with a clean-shaven face. Soon shaved faces or trimmed facial hair became the rage. Various facial hair trends have occurred in America since that time but clean shaven men or men who regularly trim their hair remains the standard.

Today men have a variety of options to trim or shave their facial hair. Consider the MicroTouch Max and its’ ability to trim with micro precision.