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Iowa Station Puts the Microtouch Max to the Test

microtouch-max-review-KTIVKTIV 4 –of Sioux City, IA – reviewed the Microtouch Max for their “Does it Really Work? segment with stylist Casey Alderman of Waterloo, IA.

“One area where the Micro Touch Max shines is getting those hard to reach areas” the review states “as well as helping fix some hairy problems.”

“If you do have a lot of peach fuzz…they can kind of clean that area up just a little bit by themselves or if you have really hairy arms and you want to disguise it, you could kind of clean up your arms a little bit,” said Alderman.

In conclusion KTIV and Alderman gave the Microtouch Max a “B” rating.

Read the full KTIV review of the Microtouch Max