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Smart Mom Chooses Micro Touch Max

microtouch-max-review-smart-mom-picksThe Smart Mom Picks video channel recently reviewed the Micro Touch Max in a segment called “MicroTouch Max Personal Hair Trimmer: Does It Work?” and Grayson Howe demonstrated the Micro Touch Max by using the hair trimmer on his own hair.

As he prepared for testing, Grayson noted that the Micro Touch Max was easy to set up and he was very pleased to see that batteries were included. Before getting started, he also pointed out additional impressive features including the quiet motor of the Micro Touch Max and the safe-to-the-touch shaver area.

“I feel smooth, shaved, groomed” says Grayson, “[I]f you’re looking for a different personal trimmer, try the Micro Touch Max. It actually works!”

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MicroTouch Max Receives a Perfect Score!

 microtouch-max-review-jd-nitroYouTube reviewer, JD Nitro, recently reviewed the Micro Touch Max and he gives this MicroTouch personal hair trimmer a perfect 10 out of 10 rating.

JD Nitro agrees that the MicroTouch Max is both “more powerful” and contains a “longer blade” than the original MicroTouch trimmer. JD says the MicroTouch Max “it is an improvement over the original and it is perfect for getting your sideburns just right, your eyebrows just right, getting your mustache right or taking your mustache off.”

“Bottom line…” says JD Nitro about the Micro Touch Max “is 10 out of 10….It does as advertised!”

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MicroTouch Max is the One Grooming Tool Every Man Needs

micro-touch-max-review-tv-stuff-reviewsThe Micro Touch Max was recently reviewed by TV Stuff Reviews where it holds a 5-star rating.

The review highlights how the Microtouch Max can help groom hair anywhere saying “it is capable of removing that stubborn and course hair found in and around the ears, the nose and back of the neck. It can be used to groom eyebrows and sideburns, remove unwanted hair from the chest, shoulders and back or to remove hair from forearms, hands and even tops of toes.”

“This product is ideal for travel or home” the reviewer goes on to say. It “is the one tool every man should have to meet all his grooming needs.”

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Manscaping with the Microtouch Max

Top Beauty Brands recently asked Darren Middleton (of Clearwater, FL) to write a guest post about his review of the Microtouch Max.

“I like to think I’m the kind of guy other guys can look at and think ‘man, that dude has it together,'” Darren begins. “I dress well, I eat well, I take care of myself, and I’m a die hard believer in the art of…wait for it…manscaping.”

Darren goes on to share his experiences with body hair. “I was teased mercilessly for being the hairy kid” he shares. “And as I got older it only got worse.” Darren confessed that he spent “thousands of dollars” trying to handle his concerns with body hair. Finally, he discovered the Microtouch Max. Darren says:

I found the one product that did everything! It grooms, it shaves, it trims, dude it even has a light! It’s called the Micro Touch Max and it’s my saving grace…. I know it seems too good to be true, I thought the same thing myself but trust me, I have seen the results…. This product gives you the results you are looking for. Once you try it, you will understand why millions of men love it!”


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