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Micro Touch Max: Perfect for Shavers of Any Age

microtouch-max-reviews-eighty-mphJennifer “Speedy” writes the Eighty MPH Mom: Living Life in the Fast Lane, One Day at a Time blog and she recently wrote a review for Micro Touch Max. She described the experience of a newcomer to shaving – her 14 year old son.

Both mom and son applaud the Micro Touch Max razor for its ease of use and effectiveness in producing a nice clean shave. Because MicroTouch Max is easy to use and safe to the touch, Jennifer was confident that this grooming tool would work well with her son’s sensitive skin. She was right. Her son also liked the built-in light and easy to hold non-slip handle. “It makes shaving easier” they report.

Jennifer was also very satisfied with the price of the Micro Touch Max, “It’s easy on the pocketbook!”

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The MicroTouch Max Helps to Remove Hair from those Tough Areas

micro-touch-max-as-seen-on-TV-product-reviewsThe Microtouch Max razor was reviewed by As Seen on TV Product Reviews who discuss how the Microtouch Max can assist men in removing unwanted hair in all those tough areas.

“The new Micro Touch Max is designed to go where razors and scissors cannot go” they state. It has a “built in light to help you see better” and a “sleek design [that] gives you perfect control.”

“The new Micro Touch Max grooms from head to toe and anywhere in between” the review concludes. “It is powerful enough to remove tough hair anywhere and yet gentle on the most sensitive areas.”

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Iowa Station Puts the Microtouch Max to the Test

microtouch-max-review-KTIVKTIV 4 –of Sioux City, IA – reviewed the Microtouch Max for their “Does it Really Work? segment with stylist Casey Alderman of Waterloo, IA.

“One area where the Micro Touch Max shines is getting those hard to reach areas” the review states “as well as helping fix some hairy problems.”

“If you do have a lot of peach fuzz…they can kind of clean that area up just a little bit by themselves or if you have really hairy arms and you want to disguise it, you could kind of clean up your arms a little bit,” said Alderman.

In conclusion KTIV and Alderman gave the Microtouch Max a “B” rating.

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Alabama News Station Reviews the Microtouch Max

microtouch-max-review-WSFAThe Microtouch Max was recently reviewed by Alabama’s NBC Station, WSFA 12, for their “Does it Work? with Eric Snitil” segment.

Snitil starts by saying he’s “not a fan” of sticking scissors up his nose and decided to give the Microtouch Max a test. “It’s safe to the touch” he says “I promise.” He goes on show how the Microtouch Max works on various parts of the body including eyebrows. “In just a few minutes we went from bushy brows to a much more clean cut look”

Snitil concludes by saying the Microtouch Max “worked like a champ” and he gave it a resounding “Yes” on the question “Does it Work?”

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Manscaping with the Microtouch Max

Top Beauty Brands recently asked Darren Middleton (of Clearwater, FL) to write a guest post about his review of the Microtouch Max.

“I like to think I’m the kind of guy other guys can look at and think ‘man, that dude has it together,'” Darren begins. “I dress well, I eat well, I take care of myself, and I’m a die hard believer in the art of…wait for it…manscaping.”

Darren goes on to share his experiences with body hair. “I was teased mercilessly for being the hairy kid” he shares. “And as I got older it only got worse.” Darren confessed that he spent “thousands of dollars” trying to handle his concerns with body hair. Finally, he discovered the Microtouch Max. Darren says:

I found the one product that did everything! It grooms, it shaves, it trims, dude it even has a light! It’s called the Micro Touch Max and it’s my saving grace…. I know it seems too good to be true, I thought the same thing myself but trust me, I have seen the results…. This product gives you the results you are looking for. Once you try it, you will understand why millions of men love it!”


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The Micro Touch Max Will Solve Your Hair Removal Needs

A review of Micro Touch Max was recently posted on You’re Not Stupid. The reviewer loved that the Micro Touch Max was small enough to reach those hard-to-get places and came with a light to make it easier to see. His only complaint with the Micro Touch Max was that it always seems to disappear from his bathroom. “Once family members discover how great this trimmer works, it will disappear all the time. There is an easy solution, order at least two. Then you can have one exclusive for you and one for the family,” he said.

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Micro Touch Max Gets 5 out of 5 Stars

The MicroTouch Max Trimmer was recently featured on Seen TV Canada. Paul, author of the review, thought that MicroTouch Max was a fantastic solution for unwanted hair and a bargain for only $14.99. This is a hair trimmer that should be in every man’s bathroom. Guy’s if you have hair sticking out of your nose or ears, do yourself a favor and pick up one of these Micro Touch Max all-in-one personal trimmers. Nose Hair and Ear hair is just not cool especially when the solution costs 15 bucks. I thought this hair trimmer worked great for me and probably will for anyone else,” he said.

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