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The Uni-brow Problem

A “unibrow” is the presence of abundant hair between the eyebrows so that it appears one has one long brow. It is a fairly common issue for men. While the unibrow is irrelevant – or even found attractive – in some cultures, it has typically been seen in a negative light in the Western world. In different times and places of the West, the unibrow has been seen as unattractive, primitive and even criminal.

microtouch-max-unibrowWhile a given man’s unibrow can be a result of various factors, some men have the “one brow” as a result of medical conditions such as Cornelia De Lange syndrome, Waardenburg Syndrome, Patau Syndrome, or Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome.

Today, many men attack their unibrows through plucking, tweezing or shaving. Some men go so far as to receive electrolysis or laser treatment. These treatments, while often effective, can be expensive and – if you have laser therapy – a temporary scab can form.

Many men opt to shave between their unibrow during their regular shaving routines. The MicroTouch Max is the perfect tool to help you get the best shave in this area.