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Feel the Sideburn

microtouch-max-feel-sideburnsJust as important as maintaining a quality beard, moustache, or shave, taking care of your sideburns is the difference between everyone knowing it’s been awhile since your last haircut, and being noticed for your good style and hygiene.

Sideburns compliment the male face, be they short or long. Styles through the ages have always included some sculpting of the sideburns.

First and foremost, decide which length of sideburn and length of hair you’d like.  Short sideburns may not be suitable for round faces, as it only accentuates the roundness. Small, short burns are great for very short haircuts, as well as shaggy cuts. This can be maintained through simple scissor maintenance after shaving them to the right length.

Medium length and width sideburns are, naturally, best suited for any sized face. These can be maintained in a number of ways. Use your MicroTouch Max for the perfect sideburns. Simply run it through your hair using the desired comb attachment (included with your MicroTouch Max) and you’ll be all set.

Maintaining the long sideburn is an art unto itself. Suited for medium to large faces, the long sideburn requires hair length maintenance, and a steady hand while using your MicroTouch Max razor so you can literally sculpt the shape. If they go below the earlobe, you are entering hipster territory.