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Alabama News Station Reviews the Microtouch Max

microtouch-max-review-WSFAThe Microtouch Max was recently reviewed by Alabama’s NBC Station, WSFA 12, for their “Does it Work? with Eric Snitil” segment.

Snitil starts by saying he’s “not a fan” of sticking scissors up his nose and decided to give the Microtouch Max a test. “It’s safe to the touch” he says “I promise.” He goes on show how the Microtouch Max works on various parts of the body including eyebrows. “In just a few minutes we went from bushy brows to a much more clean cut look”

Snitil concludes by saying the Microtouch Max “worked like a champ” and he gave it a resounding “Yes” on the question “Does it Work?”

Watch WSFA’s full Microtouch Max review.