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Get Your Hands on the MicroTouch Max

“Hands-on guy” Andrew recently shared a video about the Micro Touch Max razor. This video shows his close up operation of this electric hair trimmer and he reviewed how one loads the AAA battery, how to clean the MicroTouch Max and how to attach the MicroTouch Max comb to the trimmer.

Watch his Micro Touch Max video below:

MicroTouch Max Receives a Perfect Score!

 microtouch-max-review-jd-nitroYouTube reviewer, JD Nitro, recently reviewed the Micro Touch Max and he gives this MicroTouch personal hair trimmer a perfect 10 out of 10 rating.

JD Nitro agrees that the MicroTouch Max is both “more powerful” and contains a “longer blade” than the original MicroTouch trimmer. JD says the MicroTouch Max “it is an improvement over the original and it is perfect for getting your sideburns just right, your eyebrows just right, getting your mustache right or taking your mustache off.”

“Bottom line…” says JD Nitro about the Micro Touch Max “is 10 out of 10….It does as advertised!”

Watch the full MicroTouch Max review by JD Nitro